21 Questions game to Ask a Girl, Guy online and all

21 Questions game to Ask a Girl and also 21 Questions game to Ask a Guy online today we are sharing with you. 21 Questions game is the best game that you have ever played. It is not just a simple game; it is a way to know the heart of your to-be-date or your first crush. If you are planning to know someone to the core then this game is your best choice you can choose.

You may be close to someone, but cannot ask few personal questions directly. So this 21 questions game acts as a bridge to build your relation. All you need to do is ask 21 questions to the other person. There is no exact reason why this game is designed around only 21 questions. You must be thinking that how come 21 questions are enough to know a person, but if the questions were straight forward and your intension is just to know what the other person exactly is then

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21 Questions game to Ask

21 Questions game

If you know a person very little and want to conduct a small study on him about his pros and cons this is the best game for you. With these simple 21 questions you can know whether he is a good lad/good lass. If you are feared of the other person knowing your game plan then you can just divide the 21 questions game into parts and can manage. This game can also be played as a fun game to know each other.

Depending on what side of the person you want to know you should make up the questions. Depending on the questions you make up and the way you trigger at the other person the game will lead. If you want your game to be fun add some sense of humor to your questions. If you want your game to be sincere then trigger them sincerely to the other person.

21 Questions game to Ask

If you want to make the questions interesting and excited add exciting questions to your list of 21 questions. If you are unaware of what questions to ask then don’t you worry. We are here to present you with the 21 questions for this 21 questions game.

21 Questions game to Ask a Girl, Guy online and all

These 21 questions will let you know what the other person exactly is. Even though you cannot estimate how he thinks after knowing the answers for all these 21 questions, you can at least know what he is and whereabouts him to some extent. And make sure to add why at the last of your question to make the game more excited.

1. What type of TV shows, books and movies do you like the most and why?

This question gives you scope you estimate the taste of the other person. Depending on what type of show, book, or movie your partner chooses like comic, action, romantic, love stories, animation etc, you can easily predict what kind of taste your partner have.

2. What would you do if you find a time machine? Would you like to go back in time or would you like to go and visit the future?

This question of time machine can help you know to what extent he can think. This question brings out the future he wishes to see.

3. What was the best thing that you enjoyed and what was the best thing that you hated about your school life?

This question shows the memory he had and whether he is keeping good memories most or bad memories most.

4. If you were to choose between your hometown and some other new place to lead your entire life, which place would you choose and why?

This question simply tells you how much your partner is connected with his hometown and what priority he is giving to it in his life.

5. If you went on a ride and you are dirt all over, extremely tired and feeling very hungry, would you eat, take a nap or take a shower first?

This question can help you know how he behaves when he is at his extremes and what his preferences are.

6. What is the thing that you think is overrated, but that is loved by all other people and why?

This question can help you know what exactly his opinion is about a particular thing.

7. When using your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, do you like to go through the posts from the celebrities whom you never met or comments of your besties?

This question can help you to analyze his anxious to know the other business. There is no bad in knowing what is happening in others life, but sometimes over anxious to what is happening in other life may lead to serious problems in life.

8. Would you like it if someone gives all your friends 100.Rs each and Rs. 1000 to you alone?

Depending on the yes/no answer he choose you can find out whether he is selfish or not. If he chooses nothing and questions you why would he after all accept the money from someone then he belong to the category of people who expects nothing from other people and wishes to live on his own earnings.

9. How you want your dream house to be like?

His dream house frames the future he designed for him and his partners living in the house happily. Try to found out the exact sketch of the house.

10. What makes you become angry on people?

This could help you in a lot of ways. He may even get irritated with your questions.

11. If you were given powers so that you can do magic, turn up-side-down, go anywhere out want, turn into anything you like then what, where and how?

This question can bring out the other side of him if any. If he has any naughty plans to do in his to-do-list he would definitely mention here.

12. What are the top five things on your wish-list?

This is the most common question most of the people ask, but this question may reveal ever revealed wishes of your partner.

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13. What is the biggest lie you told and to whom? What is the situation and consequences for that particular lie?

If he out with apt answer then you can relate it with your past experience with him or you can stop it from happening in the future.

14. If I told you that this is your last day on this earth, then how are you going to react?

It depends on his smartness. If he is smart enough he would ask why, are you skyrocketing me to some other planet from earth? Just kidding. Ask him to know if you were there in his last day on the earth.

15. What is the thing that motivates you in every step you take in life?

16. Did you ever knowingly break someone’s heart?

17. What is your favorite movie that you can watch any number of times?

18. What is the dish you want to prepare if you were to prepare something for me?

19. Who is your first crush?

20. What is the gift you gift yourself with your first ever earned money?

21. What is the quality with which you want people to remember you?

Play this 21 questions game with your crush or your date-to-be to know what he is.


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